With an amazing variety of celebrations and festivals – many held in the great outdoors – Tiers is a fantastic place for culture lovers. The “Bergler Tafel” is just one such event, during which a banquet table more than 100 meters long is set up on a meadow and against a fabulous alpine backdrop. Seated at this table, 170 gourmets are then free to enjoy the bill of fare while marveling at the wonderful Rose Garden. Similar events include the “Bergler Harass” and the “Berglergenuss.” Tiers combines culture and scenic splendor to stage an unforgettable experience.

You definitely should visit the St. Sebastian Plague Chapel and the chapel in St. Zyprian. Or the Tiers Water Mill where you can learn how millers, blacksmiths, and sawyers used to ply their trades using hydro-power.

Tiers is a place for people who appreciate culture and understand how to enjoy it. For people of all walks of life! For people like you. Come and be a part of it!

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