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Ansitz Velseck-Residence Hotel

The Ansitz Velseck Residence Hotel; your exclusive holiday paradise in the Tiers Mountains, very near the majestic Rose Garden. A place of almost mystic energy – with a thousand-year history; once the stronghold and legal court for the town of Tiers. Later a hunting chalet and farmstead. Today, a secluded retreat for nature lovers and gourmets. The very best of South Tyrol.

Delicious treats close at hand. Comfort food. The ingredients come – whenever possible – from our region. The atmosphere is cordial. From the chef to the wait staff. Friends and well-wishers.

Let your thoughts go

Warm colors, solid Swiss Pine furnishings; and lots of room to relax and let your thoughts go. Take a deep breath and start unwinding.

You’ll sense the powerful natural energies of the nearby forest. You’ll feel you’re part of the natural cycle of life. Spend seemingly endless days lounging in luxurious isolation. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll immediately realize that you’ve reached a place of peace, an oasis of power. Where time seems to stand still, and where friendly consideration is the Golden Rule. It represents a unique concept that evolved from the original idea of “vacationing down on the farm,” while still remaining true to its origins. You, as the guest, can decide how much of our valuable natural resources will be consumed. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles – and yet a very high level of quality and comfort. Never at the cost of an unspoilt nature, our greatest asset.

Enjoy the unlimited freedom. Relax and unwind. Take a deep breath and rediscover your inner harmony.

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